Important Changes Coming to the Atypical Working Scheme in Ireland

The Atypical Working Scheme (AWS) in Ireland is undergoing some significant changes, with the new regulations set to take effect on January 1, 2023. These changes will have a significant impact on those seeking work permits in the country, and it’s important to understand how they will affect you.


One of the major changes to the AWS is the revision of the salary threshold. Currently, the AWS is set at the National Minimum Wage, but starting next year, it will be set at the same level as the published salary requirement for a General Employment Permit (currently €30,000). This change is being implemented to minimize any negative impact that the AWS might have on the national labor market.


In addition to this change, there will also be a new cooling-off period for AWS permissions. Going forward, permission under the AWS will be granted for a period of 90 days, and these 90 days can be used to support intermittent travel into and out of the country for a maximum of 90 days over a 6-month period. After this 6-month period, there will be a one-month cooling-off period before any new AWS permission can be granted.


It’s important to note that these changes will only apply to “general” category applications for AWS permission, and will not affect applications for permission to enter the country as frontline medical personnel or under other categories of permission available under the AWS.


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