Detailed Information for Ukrainian Citizens and their Family Member wishing to travel to Ireland

We tried to gather all the information in relation to legal status of Ukrainian Citizens and their Family Members in Ireland


What is temporary protection?

Temporary protection is a temporary measure issued by the European Union and adopted by Members States including the Republic of Ireland to allow certain groups of people (currently this applies mainly to Ukrainian citizens and their family members) to legally reside in Ireland for a period of 1 year with an option to extend the permission for another 2 years. Temporary protection is granted upon arrival to Ireland in the airport and allows to work in Ireland, study and receive social welfare benefits under the same rules as EEA nationals. All those granted temporary protection are deemed to satisfied habitual residency test for the purpose of receiving any social welfare benefits.


Who can apply for temporary protection?

Temporary protection is granted to:
1 – Ukrainian nationals who were residing in Ukraine before 24 February 2022;

2 – nationals of a third country or stateless persons who would have benefited from international protection (for example, refugee status in Ukraine) and have been residing in Ukraine before 24 February 2022;

3 – family members of persons covered by 1 and 2 where the family already existed in Ukraine prior to 24 of February 2022. Family members include spouses, civil partners, unmarried minor children and close dependent family relatives who have been living with them as part of the family unit;

The Department of Justice has a discretion to extend temporary protection to other people who were legally residing in Ukraine and cannot safely return to the country of their origin.


Do I need a visa to travel to Ireland?

Ukrainian Citizens do not need visa to travel to Ireland. This is an emergency measure issued by the Government of Ireland.
Citizens of other countries that ordinary will be required to obtain visa and who were residing in Ukraine do still require a visa to travel to Ireland and their applications can be submitted in one of the neighbouring countries.


What do I need to do before I travel to Ireland?

Both immigration services in Ireland and airlines must be satisfied as to the identity of a person presenting at a boarder. The following documents will be accepted: passport, expired passport, national ID card, birth certificate (in case of underage children), international passports. This list is not exhausted and other documents may be accepted as well. A pragmatic and humane approach is taken by the immigration and security control officials in Ireland.

If you have any other documents on hand, please bring them to Ireland, including your university degrees, transcripts, driving licenses, doctor letters, any other documents that might help you with your life in Ireland.

Vaccination, Passenger Locator Form and PCR test is no longer required to enter Ireland but it might be still required in other countries through which you might be travelling. Please make sure you are aware of local rules in relation to covid.


What happens after I arrive to Ireland?

First of all you will go through boarder control, your passport will be stamped with permission to reside in Ireland for the duration of 90 days. If you require international protection, you will be given temporary protection papers that will allow you to stay in Ireland for the duration of 1 year. If you require accommodation, please ask for help at the boarder. You will be assigned to a place where you can temporary live. There is a huge housing crisis in Ireland which was even before 24 of February and Ireland does struggle with allocating accommodation places to everyone who is coming to seek international protection. Everything possible is being done and the government is taking control of hotels, hostels, churches, gyms and other buildings that could be used for housing. There is also a shortage of beds, so please be aware of that. Several volunteer organisations in Ireland are also actively helping with accommodation but there resources are limited. It is best to arrive to Ireland if you already have sorted your accommodation needs to avoid disappointment.

There is no immediate required to register your immigration permission and further communication from the department is awaited.

You are free to leave the State and come back, however, you should carry the permission letter or IRP card.


What supports are available?

Accommodation and Housing – Ireland is providing with accommodation and housing but it is struggling to provide suitable accommodation. For more information please see

Employment – you are entitled to seek employment or self-employment and vocational training education activities in Ireland on the same basis as any EU national. For this purpose you will need to obtain PPS number which are issued by the Department of Social protection. Arrangements are in place to issue people with PPSNs on arrival or as soon as possible after the arrival.

Education – children under 18 are supported to access public primary or post-primary education. This is done with the help of volunteers but you can also take initiative and arrive at the nearest school and ask to enrol your children.

English language classes – free English language classes are provided both by private English schools in Ireland (we’ve personally allocated 25 scholarships) and also by volunteers and government entities – Ireland’s Education and Training Boards lead national education response to those fleeing Ukraine – ETBI

Social Welfare Income Supports – you are entitled to claim social welfare income supports including but not limited to rent supplement and child benefit payments. Habitual residence test for the purpose of obtaining social welfare payments is considered to be satisfied by everyone who has temporary protection status.

Medical care – you are entitled to access health care services from the State and receive medical card that allows you to access majority of services for free.

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