Travelling at Christmas with expired IRP card

Great news for those travelling during Christmas season this winter.


Department of Justice issued a Travel Confirmation Notice due to a very large volume of IRP renewal applications at the Immigration Services Registration Office in Dublin. The current processing time is 5-6 weeks and additional 2 weeks to receive the renewed IRP card by post.


Non EEA Nationals who applied for a renewal of their IRP card my use their current recently expired IRP card to travel from 9 December 2022 to 31 January 2023. If you are such national, please ensure that you applied for a renewed card before an old one expired to avail of this Travel Confirmation Notice. Please also ensure that you have obtained all the required visas and pre-clearances to the country of your destination.


Anyone travelling under This Notice must download and print the notice from the official department of justice website here. You will need to provide it together with the expired IRP card and proof of renewal application to immigration authorities and airlines. Email confirmation showing the date of application and OREG number will suffice.


The Department of Justice advised all airlines and foreign missions of this notice.


If you have applied for EU Treaty Rights but did not receive a letter of temporary permission in order to apply for an IRP care, please email and provide proof of your Christmas travel plans. They can and will prioritise the request.


For more information on registering for the first time or renewing your IRP, please contact your consultant at Time to Move Ireland or send an email to

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