Afghan Admissions Programme

The Department of Justice concluded the Afghan Admissions Programme and is reviewing all the applications received. There were in total 528 applications. The government previously stated that there will only be up to 500 place available and it looks like at least some of those applications won’t be approved. The priority will be given to those who are most at risk and the decision will be based on the nature of the risk, the vulnerability of this particular person to the risk and whether the risk to this person has increased since the overthrow of the democratically elected government of Afghanistan.

The Department urged the public that the issuing of decisions may be impacted by development outside of the control of the Department, including the Ukrainian crisis and the covid-19 situation. It seems evident now that the amount of residence permissions granted maybe significantly reduced due to overflow of refuges coming from Ukraine to Ireland and the decision of the Department in late February to waive visa requirements to nationals of Ukraine.

The decisions will be made in the coming months.

The programme ran from 16 December 2021 to 11 March 2022 and allowed current or former Afghan nationals living in Ireland legally to apply to have their close family members to apply for temporary residence in Ireland under the condition that these family members are living in Afghanistan or have fled it since 1 August 2021 to certain neighbouring countries.

Only applications from Afghan national living in Ireland on or before 1 September 2021 and holding an immigration permission with a minimum remaining duration of 12 months or the permission that is renewable at the time of application were allowed to apply.

The applicants were able to include up to 4 beneficiaries under the programme. The eligible categories of close family members included spouses and civil partners, children, parents, grandparents and vulnerable adult close family members who do not have spouses or partners or other closer relatives to support them.

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